Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Generations, 1 Song

I fell in love with Waiting On A Train circa 1980 on Duane Allman's An Anthology Vol. 2. Boz Scaggs did the vocals. I sang it (and still sing it) to myself all the time. I was working with Paw Paw one day circa 1990 and he was singing...Waiting On A Train. It was very familiar. Not just because I knew the song, but because I knew I'd heard him sing it before, something I hadn't remembered until then. I told how much I loved that song. He said that it had been one of his favorites since Jimmie Rodgers first released it (1928) when Paw Paw was a boy and that it had also been a favorite of his grandfather, Fleming Monroe Calvit, who sang it frequently. F. M. Calvit was born at the end of the Civil War. A love of this song spans five generations of our family. You can listen to, and even watch, Jimmie Rodgers sing it online any time you want. Waiting On A Train. Enjoy.

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